Selecting subactegory

Hey, long time no see!

I have left working on my project due lack of motivation after working on it day by day for two years, but its my first day back after few months break and some supportive people behind my back.

I think i have lost some knowladge in buble so i seek for your help!

I have Option set of Categories and Sub-categories.
When clicking text of Subcategorie option I want it to go to next page /category/slug-of-the-subcategory (Im doing slug in options by adding them as one of the atribute for option set - it means I have loads of manual slug creation ahead of me - if any of u dont know any easyer way :D)

… So i do the workflow go to page - category when Subcategory option is clicked

It goes to category page and sets slug for the subcategory(depending of language, thats why so many go to page workflows)

But how can i set dynamic Title of that page to be the same as selected Subcategory option clicked before in index page?

Just get the data from the URL using Get Data From URL

As you’re using your own Slug attribute on the option set (rather than just the Options Set’s Display), you’ll have to get all options and filter them based on the slug from the URL.

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