SelectPDF Page Numbers


I’m using Bubble’s SelectPDF plugin to generate PDFs of various pages in my app. I need to be able to include page numbers in the generated PDF file, but this is not currently a feature listed in the documentation.

I’ve taken a look at the SelectPDF Rest API Docs and page numbering is supported and set to True by default. I’m wondering if it would be possible to add this as an editable field in Bubble’s plugin.

If not, I’d appreciate any other ideas to include page numbers in the generated PDF. Thanks!


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Don’t bother trying to request a feature for the plugin they haven’t touched it in forever.

You can use the API Connector and recreate everything Bubble’s plugin is doing, but add that extra page # parameter you need.

If the data on screen is protected by privacy rules, their browser will need to be logged in as the Current user. To do that you can make a magic login link (going to the page with the data you need) and provide that to SelectPDF as the webpage to capture.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your reply. I implemented SelectPDF using the API Connector and I’m sending a magic login link when calling the API to get around privacy rules. However, I’m getting some sort of network error in the returned PDF:

Your browser was unable to load some necessary resources, contact your IT network administrator and ask them to allow access to

Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help.

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Where are you seeing that network error, on the PDF page?

That is super weird, if you click on

You get a fake bubble home page all with free plans :rofl:

Yes the error appears on the PDF page (see attached). I guess this means it’s a network error on SelectPDF’s server, but Bubble got around it somehow for their SelectPDF plugin. Super weird.

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Try it without the magic login, just the regular page URL and lets see if it at least captures something.

Also make sure your app isn’t password protected, some people have the test one protected

Tried the regular page URL but still getting the same result. Our app is also not password protected.

I also tried this on the live version of the app as well as on a different browser but nothing changed.

It has been a while since I used SelectPDF so maybe something broke since then.

I remember something about a rendering engine as a different option? Because if you view the URL yourself it should look good, just theirs isn’t rendering properly.

Also share your API call setup here, maybe something is off.

I ended up moving to the CloudConvert API they have a “Capture a website” endpoint to make it a PDF. Not sure if they have your page number feature but I manually did it on the page.

we absolutely need this. seems like a very simple addition of one parameter to make it usable for PDFs that need page numbers