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selectPDF throwing Errors

Hi there,

I am having some trouble with selectPDF generating my PDFs. For some reason it keeps throwing an error when I try to create one, no matter what I try to rectify it. I have looked in the server logs, but that doesn’t really tell me anything useful, and the debugger shows exactly the data I expect to see.

What I do is I have a page called “sepa_goedkeuring”, where my user fills in some data. I then send that data to “sepa_pdf_page” and create a PDF out of that. Then I use the send mail function to email me the URL of said created PDF, so that I can store the information for later use.

However, I only get the “There has been a bug” message when I try to create the PDF, and no extra information is given to get me on my way of troubleshooting this thing.

Here is the link to my “Everyone can view” app.

If anyone could help that would be amazing. I’ve been cramming 4 hours into this one problem, and I’m about to pull out my hair! :confounded:


If you’re getting the “There has been a bug” message, you should definitely file a bug report with Bubble. Thanks for posting here so others can see, but it sounds like something the dev team would want to address.

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