Self Hosted Low Code External Database - Saltcorn

Dear Bubblers,

I found this really nifty external database that uses low code principles to setup and manage. You can self-host on your own computer or quickly install it on Digital Ocean, using the cheap $5 per month plan. I got it up and running on digital ocean within 10 minutes. You’ll need to setup a digital ocean account, then search for “Saltcorn” in Digital Ocean’s marketplace, and click on the “one-click” install. Follow the digital ocean steps like setting up a password for your server or RSA key.

To connect your Saltcorn database to your bubble app, setup a table with field names, then setup the Saltcorn API to allow connections. Saltcorn will create an API key for you. In bubble, use the API connector with the Saltcorn API key provided to POST, GET, DELETE to your newly created and external Saltcorn DB. Very easy to setup and get operation.

Using the Digital Ocean’s cheapest $5 per month plan, which gives you 1 CPU and 1 Gig RAM, Saltcorn runs well and reasonably fast accepting API calls from bubble. I haven’t tried a higher CPU package, but would imagine this would improve the DB performance.

If you’re interested in controlling your data outside of bubble in an easy to setup external database, this may be the solution for you.

Saltcorn is a free open-sourced platform, all details located on its website:

Check it out. I’ll post a video some other time on setting it up on Digital Ocean.