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"Self-Learning "

I’m new here and I want to build an app such as SELF-LEARNING on business idea but I couldn’t understand how would I start it. Is anyone there who help me out. The problem it is when I enter the same app name mention in the title first. to the new creating app name name option there will be no response on it.

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Hey @asmabatool :wave:

Do you mean that you are trying to name your bubble app ‘self-learning’ but it’s not allowing you to?

Someone else might already have that name, so try a different name or add a number to it so it’s unique. For example ‘self-learning1’.

Would that help? :blush:

Also, welcome to the Bubble community! :confetti_ball::tada:

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thank you :blush:

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Happy to help. :blush:

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