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Selling CAD/MDT

Hello. Need a CAD/MDT for your RolePlay Community. Drop a Discord name or email and I will reach out to you ASAP.

Are you Looking For A Cheap CAD? Are You Looking To Start Up Your Server, But Need Help? We Got You Covered! We Are Lizard Solutions! We Have Only Just Started Up Our Server, But We Promise To Give You The Best Quality Experience & The Best Quality Service!
We Offer:
-Free. Cheap and High-End CAD’s
-Discord Building
I Hope To See You Soon! -Jacob G.
Join Our Discord:

Check Out Our Website:

Our Copyright:

Hope To See You Soon!

Flex Designs

What we do: We are a CAD/MDT Development company. We also specialize in Web development and graphic design.

Why we started:
I started Flex Designs to give back to the communities that are out there. I also like making the products and made it into a business.

Some of are products:
Simplex CAD
Simplex CAD V2
Web Sites
And much more

Flex RP
Shark Solutions
Hadmodding group

How to get the MDT’s:
To get the CAD’s you have to go on are site and join are disord server. Go to ticket creation and create a ticket and tell us what products you want.



[email protected] Please reach out soon as possible thank you.