Selling Construction Management Platform With Escrow Component


We have pivoted Duct, which used to be a construction management platform to a year ago and have had insane traction with Autolance and thus have no need for the construction management platform and the escrow service that powers it, all built in Bubble.

The platform is quite suffocated. We have two versions. A escrow/payment only version ( and another full platform ( with full messaging, job board, job hiring, job management, escrow payment feature, invoicing, and more. Iā€™m about to delete the app so figured I would see if anyone would have any use for it or if there is anywhere I can find someone to sell it to?

Just let me know!

Hey @schnetzlerjoe :wave:

Why not sell it as a template? Or ask Zeroqode if they want to buy it. No need to delete all that hard work. I have seen other people looking for Escrow type solutions.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Maybe offer it up as a template for new bubblers?!

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Great idea! I like that. Maybe I will do just that if people can use an escrow template

@jared.gibb @J805


Message me your email and we can get a call going to see if you would be interested in purchasing it! @textmeinfofree

Do you have the app? I would like to learn more about the app.