Selling the rights to plugins/templates

More mature platforms like Shopify, Wordpress, etc. have thriving “micro private equity” environments where small/independent developers sell the rights to their plugins/templates to third parties. Often these developers are great at going from “zero to one” - building a template/plugin, launching it, etc. but over time get bogged down in maintenance, support, etc. (the “one to n”) and would rather spend their efforts building the next product they’ve cooked up.

I’m a long-time, experienced software business builder (have done the “zero to one” but also lots of scaling the “one to n”) exploring the idea of acquiring a portfolio of Bubble related plugins/templates/other apps over time. I’d love to talk to any members of the community interested in potentially selling products they’ve developed. I’m also open to partnering where it makes sense.

Feel free to DM me if you think it’s worthwhile talking. I’m still in discovery mode, so have an open mind and will talk to anyone who has been active and successful in the developer community.

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