Selling Tinder app build 100% on Bubble

Hello Bubblers

I´m selling my bubble Tinder app because I don’t have time/money to promote it on the web. It’s running more than a year.

  • Similar Tinder app, but based on zodiac signs;
  • More than 1.000 users subscribeds;
  • Internal chat function (similar to whatsapp);
  • Internal zodic groups post function (similar to instagram);
  • User profile page;
  • Configuration page;
  • Dashboard for owner administration;
  • Videochat function (in development);
  • Beautiful design;
  • Possible monetization with paid plan (everything prepared to implement it);
  • Multilingual app.

Pandorando App

Pandorando logo redondo

For more info, please keep in contact by mail : or whatsapp +55 11 97299-0195



Sorry off topic but been a while since i saw someone use a yahoo email account.


If you want you can use the app email:

I still use my yahoo email account created in 2001.

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In my opinion, a hotmail email address is pretty much the coolest.

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