Send a list of images via Bubble App Connector

I’m trying to send a list of images from one app to another via the Bubble App Connector. I’ve set up App 1 to add a list of images by modifying the data in App 2’s database, however, the images appear white (see below). I’m wondering whether this is overkill for Bubble because if so then I’m probs going to have to leave :sob: Honestly I love Bubble man - it would really be a shame if I have use a traditional programmer

Can you post your workflow setting?

App 2 workflow - exposing endpoint

App 1 Running the API workflow in App 2

I sure hope I’m doing something wrong boy because I just don’t understand. All the other values are saving in App 2’s database. It’s literally just the list of images giving a right headache.

Did you try to use :'s url or :saved to s3?

No but I’ll give it a try