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Send alerts via sms

Hello Bubblers,

I need you help! I am building a real estate app and one of the features is to automatically notify users via sms when a property they want becomes available on the website.

I have set-up my database in this way:

Buyer data type with the following fields:

  • Bedroom count (integer)
  • Property type (text), however, the buyer selects from a predefined dropdown list
  • Phone number (integer)

Property data type with the following fields:

  • Property type (same set-up as in the buyer data type)
  • Property location (geographical address)
  • Property price (currency).

I am trying to send a text alert each time the buyer’s property type becomes available in the database. I have installed and set-up the twilio plugin.

So far, I have configured a twilio send text workflow to send the following information to the current workflow buyer (see first screenshot):

  • Property type
  • Property price
  • property location

The bit i am struggling with is the condition aspect (see 2nd screenshot)

The only-when condition needs to finalize to be a yes or no statement. Right now I see “…or current workflow buyer’s zip code (more)…” You need to add something else to the zip code statement.

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Hey @Nocodify thanks for the comment. However, I don’t completely understand your suggestion. Can you elaborate?

After the ‘OR’ statement, you’ll need to do a search for properties again. The OR statement is completely OR, it does not take into factor the search for properties in the first statement.