Send an Array on a Workflow

Hello - I am integrating my Bubble app with Google Tag Manger (GTM) and using the ‘GA4 + Tag Manager’ plugin. The plugin has a workflow action to “Send Data to GTM”. One of the fields that needs to be sent to GTM is an array formatted as follows:

I’m trying to format my data so that it transmits similarly. Below is how my worklow action is structured:

However, it shows up like the below on Google Tag Manager - there are apostrophes surrounding the data. Does anyone know how to send an array?

that’s how you do it

Thanks for the response! What selection are you using for the “input dynamic data” prompt that allows for the “Body (JSON object)” input? The “Send Data to GTM” action brings up “Keys and value” inputs. What do I select in the dynamic data to get the JSON object?

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