Send an email invite to a user

I’m trying to send an email invite a user giving them access to a Repeating list. Looking through the previous discussions looks like I need to do the following:

  1. Create an account for someone else
  2. Assign a temporary password

Not sure what steps I need to take from there?

Do you really need them to signup to view the list ?

An easier way would be to email them a link to a landing page. And in the link you put the unique id of the thing you want them to see. On the page you read this in, and display.

Simpler, and less of a barrier to use.

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Hi Nigel - Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it will work.

The set up of my app is mobile with the intention of deploying to iOS and Android as I have a previous mobile app using Bubble. Not sure if this direction makes a difference or not but wanted to mention that.

Additionally, my hopes for them signing up would be to use the app not only for what they are invited for but for use of their own.

So I have one main index page and the rest are a collection of groups…how do I locate the unique id?

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I’m also looking for the answer to the question regarding a unique id for the group. Thanks for the suggestion Nigel.

This also helped me a lot, thank you @NigelG!

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An alternate option here is to send out an invitation. This isn’t supported natively, but I would:

  1. Create an “invite a user” admin page
  2. Type in the user’s email for the invite.
  3. Add a hidden field that generates a random string of 30-40 characters… no symbols!
  4. Add the invite email and random string to an invitations table.
  5. Use workflow to generate an email that includes a URL to a special signup page dedicated to invites, such as{random code} (this is why it cannot have symbols)
  6. On that page, use workflow to validate that the email and random string match. You can also elect to not validate the email if you want a newly invited user to be able to select their own.
  7. If they do, create the user.

Bonus: include other information on the invite, like the referring, or the company they are joining etc. Just include that in the invitation database.

Bonus 2: Check the date time on the invitation to make sure it’s not too old.

Bonus 3: Expire old invitations with a background process.