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Send current cell data and all users to page

I dont get my data to flow correctly, I have a simple service were you can create groups and when you have created the group and navigate to admin page for that group you can search for users and add them to the group.

By navigating to the group i have a repeating group for all your groups(that you created), and inside the admin page you see a search field (fuzzy search) with a repeating group underneath to display the users matching the search. BUT I only get the users that are already in the group, and not the WHOLE dataset of all the users. I tried to add send more parameters to page

To sum up, you can create groups, the dataset for groups contains “users” and each user in the dataset has datafield “my groups” and I want to be able to search for all the users and not just the users that are already in the group when I have navigated to the admin page for the group.

Can anyone help me solve this issue?