Send data from input box to full calendar day

I have a page that has a “full calendar” on it. I have a separate page where someone can create an event with input boxes requesting an event name, and time/date. How do I get the inputs to send this data to the calendar where someone clicks on the day, and a popup will appear displaying this data. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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Hey sorry you haven’t gotten a response on this. Busy now but here is a quick answer here.
Just save the data to your events table and set the events table as the data source for your calendar.
Then on the Calandar, add a workflow for when an event is clicked to show a popup.
The popup data type can be your event type and its source will be the Callander current event.

Hopefully someone will provide better details for you.


Hi @robertoquinonez33 - I believe you were asking this question on my YouTube Channel.

I replied there but in case you missed it or in case others are also looking for a solution, here’s the link the the video.
At the 16-minute mark is where I start a demo showing how a sports arena creates available field times and a second page shows where sports teams can reserve timeslots. The first part of the video I walk thru the design.

Hopefully it’ll help you along with your design.

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