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Send data from repeating group to database and create new entry for every item

Hello everyone :v:

Looking for some urgent help with what I feel is a small issue but has got me pulling out the last hairs on my head.

I have a clothing test store set up in a way that when a signed up user is successful on checkout, the products (clothes) that they have purchased should be visible on their profile in an area called a wardrobe.

At the moment, when you buy one item, let’s say a T-shirt, it will display successfully but if you add 2 or more items to the cart and then proceed to checkout it will add all the items on checkout to the wardrobe so then you have multiples product names displayed in one cell in a repeating group in the wardrobe and also the database correctly displays one item after checkout but not multiple items.

Kindly view the items below for more.

You are storing products as the list that are part of one order in the db?

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@ankur1 thanks for your response! Although I am not quite sure what you mean. Can I link something visual for you so you can confirm this?

Yes. Can you record your problem via loom and also highlight how you are storing your final order into db. Make sense?

Sure, let me get that sorted.

Hey @ankur1
here’s that loom link…

So there is problem in the way you are creating the wardrobe things.

Instead of the that, create the "Schedule API workflow in a list "

Create the backend workflow ( you need paid plan to use ) , that will create the wardrobe things one by one.

Thank you so much @ankur1 ! I will get that sorted

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Yeah that API stuff!