"Send Data to a page" Vs Just using "Do a Search For" on the destination page?

I am trying to understand the need for using “Send data to a page” instead of just querying the database on the destination page.


Hi there, @Buddha… I think the answer is somewhat right there in your question. If you know the data on the destination page is always going to be of a certain type, you can send data to the page so you don’t have to query the database to get the data you need. That being said, if a page has a content type defined for it, you will always have to send data of that type to the page, so I have personally shied away from using that approach so that the destination page (and navigating to it) is more “flexible”.

Hope this helps.


Edit: FYI… this article is probably worth a read.


Thanks Mike!

That was very helpful. Wish you a great year ahead.