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Hello there

I was wondering is it possible to send data from my bubble app to other website with like iframe or something? The target site is Tilda

I have job board and my idea was to display recent data in my other webiste based on tilda platform. Is that real?

Yes it’s possible. Does Tilda have documentation?

Thanks for your replay, i guess they have, what should i look for?

Let me look at this.

So you want Tilda info in Bubble?

Nop, from bubble to Tilda, as thats my landing page and Bubble is my app.

If thats possible

from the docs that i can see, it seems it’s only an export api from tilda into another site and not the other way around.

But you could recreate your landing page in bubble with the API I believe

but then i would need another page in bubble with another personal plan, no?

In bubble, you can have as many pages as you want in 1 app. You pay by app, not by page. In fact, you might actually save money by cancelling Tilda and creating your landing, contact, about, pricing pages along with your app, in bubble.

but would that be okay, if i have one native app page and then website page… and both work on one domain…

Yes it will work.

But my app is wrapped and using
How could i display other page of my bubble, if using pc or mobile browser ?

If you’re gearing your app to be mobile specific, just create all of your “pages” on 1 page inside of bubble. Each “page” would be a grouping of elements that define what a “page” should be. Then you just hide/show each group (“page”) conditionally.

yea, i have all that.
here is the link:
Its all in one page and in group with states.

But returning to creating another page, how would i make it use same domain but, display only shown page? :smiley:

So you want your Tilda page, that is currently your landing page, just create a new page that a user will land on when discovering your app. If you name this new page “landing” then your domain (url) would be which is all done automatically and there’s nothing for you to do but publish it.

But what i’d do is make the root domain the landing page and then add an explore page where the meat of your app lives.

Wouldnt then my wrapped app change and show the landing page in app?

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t understand what you mean some times I am a little slow.

Just add a new page to your bubble app called explore copy your current index page to the new explore page. Now design your index page to be your landing page and deploy. Then you’re good to go.

Okay, got ya.!. :bomb: ure cool
Thanks a lot for advice and have a good evening.

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Glad I could help!