Send Data to Someone Not Registered Yet

Hi. I’m new to Bubble, so please forgive me if my question(s) are elementary.

My app is similar to a money transfer and I need it to be able to choose a recipient (via email address), send a message, with uploaded pictures/files and an amount. I was able to get it working to send dollar amounts back and forth between users (haven’t tried with a message or images yet), but I need help with the scenario where the user sends a transfer to an email address (along with a message, files and an amount) to a recipient who isn’t already registered with my app.

In particular, how the data from the transfer be held until the recipient registers for an account. The recipient should get an email notification (which should be straight-forward) and when they register for my app, the message and amounts should then be fully delivered. I saw some documentation where the sender’s transfer could initiate the registration of an account on behalf of the recipient, but I want the recipient to create their own account.

I hope this makes sense and my advanced appreciation for any advice anyone can provide.

Anyone out there?

If you are storing a ‘Transfer’ as a piece of data then you will want to make sure to save the Email address as a field on it.
Then when a User signs up, do a search for all Transfers where Transferred Email is equal to Current User’s email and add a balance and associate the transfer to the User account that way

If you do this I would recommend using an extra ‘verify email’ step when signing up so that not just anyone can create an account for any email address hoping it will find an unclaimed transfer

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Thanks so much, gf_wolfer! I will try that, and will follow up shortly! Appreciate you reaching out to help!

OMG, IT WORKED!!! I’m SOOOOO stoked!!! Thanks so much, gf_wolfer!!! I wish there was a way I could tip you on here!!! I’ve spent days trying to figure this out, and was totally at the wrong spot!!!
You’re awesome!!! Thanks again!!!

No problem, this one’s on the house!

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