Send e-mail on certain terms

Hello there;

I’m stuck somewhere. I have a chat application and I don’t want to be notified after every new message. Creating a lot of e-mail in this way.

I want to check after a certain number of messages or until a certain time.

My plan is allowing the monthly recurring event so this is not a solution for now. Is there any other way?



I guess you have two choices you could keep a message count then send when it reaches a threshold i.e. 5 messages unseen. Or you could do it based on time, so if the message is unseen for x minutes then send email.

The first one could be done by keeping the count in the database then when the 5th message is sent you trigger a workflow that sends an email. For the time based one you can create a scheduled api call for 5 mins in the future (current date/time + 5mins) make it only run if the message is still unseen.

Hope that helps


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