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I have an app, where users can have a list of “Patients” and the user can create a calendar event for that “Patient”.

How can I make a backend workflow to send a meeting request to the “Patient´s email” one week before the event and the day of the event?

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Can you post a screenshot of what you’ve already tried? Is it the workflow, the meeting request, or the email that’s not working? Or is it working with Bubble dates?

When scheduling the patient’s appointment, you can schedule a workflow to be sent 7 days before the appointment date. The scheduled date field would look something like this based on a guess of how your app is setup: Current Cell’s Patient’s Scheduled Date + Days: -7.

I haven´t tried scheduling a workflow. I´ve tried creating a recurring event and a custom event with conditions but I think that was not the solution.

Ohh, I didn´t tried that, it may work. But what happens when someone deletes the event. Can I cancel all the workflow that I scheduled for that event?

Yeah. Just make sure to create a field within the patient’s appointment that is something like Schedule ID, then you can cancel it based off that.

Can you explain a little bit more?, Please

Would it work if I create a condition on the scheduled workflow like “only when this event exists”.

I think this article might be helpful for you:


Where can I find the “scheduled ID”?

You’d have to grab it right after you use the schedule workflow action

Like make it a field of the event?

Yeah, that’d work.

Hello @johnny … I cannot find this scheduled ID after a scheduled workflow action … Would you mind sharing a quick screenshot of where it is picked up?


Of course. Apologies, answering this on my iPad but I did manage to get a screenshot

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It had to be that simple!


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No problem!

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