"Send email" bubble option when login out is not working; when login in, it is OK

Hello bubble Community, I am a new Bubbler and need some help, and I am creating a web development, and a piece of this is about approving documents. When the user makes a record, and this one needs to be approved by a person, the contact has a button; when clicked, it lets you accept the document and send by default an email notification to the user notifying that the form is approved. When I log in to Bubble and click the button for approval, I receive the email confirmation, but I am not receiving the email when logged out. I am not sure if I am using it correctly the Send Email functionality from Bubble.

I share the Send Email screen:

Hey @daniel30aguilar :wave:

I know it can get super confusing with sending emails sometimes. Maybe I can help.

When sending an email as a logged in user, the Current User’s email would work. :+1:

If you are not logged in, the current user’s email will not work (because it will be empty) unless you give them a place to add an email, like an input or something.

Is current user’s email really who you are trying to send an email to?

Does that make sense? :blush:

Hello Jason @J805,

Thank you for your suggestion; it makes sense; however, I found a solution
It was not “current user email.” (above in the screenshot)
I changed to “current page X associated user´s email,” and now it is working.

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Awesome, that’s what I was wondering. Great job! :raised_hands: Glad it worked out.

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