Send email from a Stripe webhook backend based on categories

Hello everyone,

I have an application connected to Stripe in which users can subscribe to multiple products/subscriptions.
Now I have it divided into categories: products that are related to a “base subscription”, “marketing” products and “sales” products.
What I want is that when a user cancels a subscription an email is sent to him according to the category of the plan/subs he canceled. But I want this to be done from the cancellation webhook that is connected in the backend.

Now I tried with the conditional When “Search for “category ID” Contains Request data’s plan id” but when my user cancels, it sends him the emails of all the categories of the subscriptions he has.
I think because “request data’s plan id” is not only searching on the canceled subscription but in all the subscriptions my user has.

irdk, if someone could please help me i will appreciate it.

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