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Send Email When A Criteria is Met

Right - so I am giving this a go again.

Each user signs up and adds a task - the task will have a deadline. When Deadline Date - Current date/time = 2 then email the user saying Task is approaching deadline.

Now - I have set up everything in the Send Email action. However what should I be doing to trigger the workflow everyday? At the moment, I have it as, when X is clicked - but I want it to run everyday for all users. Can you guys help - please?

I’d recommend you take a slight different approach and, instead, schedule a workflow in the future.

Here’s some information on this: [New Feature] Scheduling improvements

At it’s core, you’ll want to schedule the email to be sent at a future period of time. You’ll want to set up the workflow that sends the email to not send it if the user already completed the action.


OK - for that I need to be on a personal plan. I will do the rest, before I decide to go (back again) on the paid plans. I will come back to this later :slight_smile: