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Send emails based on RG data (dynamic data)

In the RG here, each row of the RG shows the user emails and the user addresses for all of my users.

I want to send each user his/her address through an email. I.e. user 1, with email [email protected], receives, in the body of the email, the address (in this case address1). I know this is done with backend workflows but did not manage to find a solution. Can anyone help with the solution?

P.S(1): Preferably, the solution should send the emails through sendgrid.
P.S(2): The illustration app is on a free version hence it does not include backend workflows.


What you need to do is to create a simple api workflow called “send email to user” which has one key :

  • the email
    Inside it you will add the “send an email” function, with email as recipient and email as the content of the mail.

Then, when you click on your send email button you will need to use the function :
“Schedule API workflow on a list”

Type of things : user
list to run on : your repeating group’s source
workflow : “send email to user”
Scheduled : current date/time

That should work :slight_smile:

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Sendgrid can be easily setup in Settings/Domain email

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