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Send info from Group to another Group

I have my review system set up for my mobile app. However, now I face a new challenge. When I’m on the Vendor’s page (group), I need to click a button to initiate the Group with the relevant inputs for reviews. This would be simple if native apps had more than one page.

So how do I ensure that once I change the current view, the submitted review is attributed to the proper vendor?

Can you provide any screenshots and the bubble interface shots to clarify?

When a user clicks the vertical ellipses symbol a menu will appear, and one of the options will be to write a review.

When the current-view changes to this new group, I need the Vendor data from the previous group to be sent here. That way the information inserted into these inputs is associated with the proper Vendor.

You should use the workflow action Display data in group (Element Actions > Group > Display data)

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Funnily enough I did that exactly, it just seemed so simple I questioned myself. I don’t know why I convinced myself there was an enigma to be solved.

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The simplest solution is the best - glad you figured it out :wink:

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