Send JSON (request data) received in an endpoint to a custom event


I am trying to parse an the JSON received in an API endpoint into multiple actions based on the events.

The 3rd party webhook sends me 5-6 different events (e.g. LIKED, FOLLOWED, TAGGED, etc.) in using a single webhook (endpoint API). The payload for each event is different, e.g. LIKED, I get post-id & userid || in followed, i get userid, time, followercount, profilestatus, etc.

I am trying to create individual custom events to deal with each of these events (as the workflows are extensive in each case) and use the API endpoint only to just parse the event and call the appropriate custom event.

However, I can not figure out how to send the original payload (request data), that was received in the API endpoint to a Custom event.

Is it possible?

What you would want to do is to store all the data you are receiving on your API endpoint into a custom “thing” on Bubble.
Then you can forward this “thing” along your workflows(and) or custom events.

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Thanks Andrew.

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