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Send list information in Send Email action

Example scenario: you want to send a customer a list of orders in an email. For each open order the customer has with you, you want to email them the invoice number, the order date and the total amount. All of these are fields in a data typ called Order. We could think of this as sending a “table” but it wouldn’t have to be in a table for,at.

I believe all you can do at the moment is use the “joined with” expression on the list. This limits you to returning a single field. Ie you could in the example above send them a list of order numbers or a list of total amounts but not the two together in rows.

I could see several ways of achieving this idea.

For example you could do HTML email and have some kind of Repeating Group construct.

Or - easier I would think - have in the expression builder a :format_as_text option for lists which would allow you to specify a list of fields from the list’s type and a field separator and row separator - kind of like :joined_with but with multiple parameters specifying the field names.

Probably other ways of doing it too…