Send Magic Link to Multiple Email's


I think I am missing something rather simple,

How do I send a magic link to multiple email accounts?

This is what I am currently trying to do:

We have 140 employees (users) and I would like to send a magic link to all of them in one workflow action.

When using a normal “send email” workflow it accepts the expression without issues

Any help appreciated.

Use a backend workflow (either on a list or run it recursively)…

I am using a backend workflow, setting up a recuring event to send a magic link every morning but it wont allow me to define the email as a list of emails as it does in the normal “send email” action. Maybe if you could elaborate more on your solution?

The ‘Send Magic Link’ action can only be run for a single User…

So, you can either Schedule the Workflow to run on a list of Users… (using Schedule API workflow on a list)…

Or run the workflow recursively on a single User at a time… (possibly a more reliable option)… for this you’ll need to add a parameter to the workflow which is a list of Users, send the appropriate list of Users into the workflow, and then just run it on one user (i.e. the first User in the list) each time the workflow runs, then schedule it to run again passing the remaining list of Users into it (i.e. the original list minus the first User), until it’s been run on all the Users.

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Hello @adamhholmes,

Can you show me these in the workflows as currently I have a backend workflow that runs on a list of user to send emails from postmark now I want to add a magic link to the emails on each specific user.

Thank you in Advance.