Send meeting request has unknown organizer

Hello there,
I use the “send meeting request by email” to send invitations to events to the users of my website.
However, when they receive an invitation, for instance in Gmail, it is written “Unknown organizer”.
Is there a way to change that from Bubble? I can’t see anywhere in the action to specify the organizer.

Thanks !

Update : On the description of the ICS file format, there is an entry “Organizer” in the VJOURNAL section:

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Would be nice to fully customize the subject line. Currently, the subject line auto-populates with Meeting Invitation < summary >. Since we’re not scheduling “meetings” per se, would be nice if it was more generalizable "Calendar Invite:



I second this idea! Would be super useful.

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How does your solution translate to the meeting request action? Did you format the organizer field in a specific way in the Description field?