Send message with image in multi input

I need help to send messages,
I can only send text messages, but I want to insert images in multi input to send along with the text.
Does anyone know what I should do to achieve this?

Hi there,

By ‘send message’ do you mean the workflow event send email or is this an internal messaging system data type?

For the front-end of a site, you can insert images into a multi-line input via a rich text editor plugin e.g.

Or you can integrate a picture uploader and the multi-line input into the frontend form and then on the other end of the receiver balance the text and images to display inline together.

I believe the multi-line input can only hold text values, so in this case it could only contain the URL of the uploaded image/s

Hope this helps.

Luke. .

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ok, thanks, it’s true, apparently you can not insert images in the multi line, I’ll have to use a plugin.

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