Send more URL parameters but without a key?

What I have now for my URL setup is

Where “EXAMPLEUSER” is the user’s slug and “EXAMPLEPAGE” is the slug of another datatype I am using to set states on the page.

Is it possible to set it up like

The only way to send additional parameters I can find is to set a key and use that.

Any help is appreciated.

Sure, just add the additional path into the URL you’re linking to…

Then use Get Data From URL to retrieve the correct data on the new page.

Oh I just never thought to build it out. I couldn’t get it to work using “go to page” but with “open external website” I got it. Thanks for tip.

In case anyone else is dumb like me and gets stuck, this is all I did

and then just change how you get the data from the URL from parameter to path.

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