Send out mass (dynamic) e-mails

I have an app that allows offices to post shift openings and send an e-mail out to registered users in their geographical area within a user-specified amount of kilometers. The thing I’m struggling with is creating a list of users’ e-mail addresses based on this data.

I have one table that contains the user’s information (geographic location, x number of km’s willing to travel, e-mail, etc…) and another that contains the shift data. I’d like to either build a query that finds those users e-mail addresses and creates a list or put the data in a temp table, parse that list of e-mails then delete the entry.

Hoping someone has some experience with this and can assist.


Hi @jason7, what you can do is create a field under the Shift Opening data type to save a list of Users.

When a Shift Opening record is created, use the following expression for the User list field:

Search for Users:filtered, where the filter is an Advanced constraint “This user’s location distance from [Shift opening address] is less than or equal to this user’s KMs willing to travel”

Here’s a visual of the data types and expression:


This user’s [Location] distance from [Shift Opening’s Location] < or = This User’s [KMs willing]

“distance from” opens up the secondary window to enter origin address and unit

Try that out!

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