Send parameters to multiselect dropdown

So I have a page with a news item. This news item has a list of tags connected to it. The connected tags are showed in a RG on the news item page. When the user clicks one of the tags, I want them to go to another page where a multiselect dropdown is. When they come to that page (and has clicked a tag) I want that tag to be the default value in the multiselect dropdown.

I have set a conditional on the multiselect dropdown saying “When This URL contains tag=” and then Default Value: “Get Data from URL” (parameter name: tag. Type: tag)
I am able to send parameter “tag” to that page, but I am not able to get it in the multiselect dropdown. I get an error saying “Multidropdown: Default value should be list of tags but right now is a tag”. How do I make this work?

Sounds like you everything setup properly for navigating to the other page and having the data value extracted properly from the URL.

To make the default value of the multidropdown the single value you extract from the URL you can use the get data from URL as you have it setup, but add to that dynamic expression the built in operator :converted to list.

This allows use to have a dynamic expression that evaluates to a single field be converted into a list of just one value so that the dynamic expression is an acceptable expression for use with elements that require lists such as multidropdown and repeating groups. This way, the dynamic expression evaluates to a list rather than a single thing.

Thank you! I have tried to add the operator :converted to list but the tag still doesn’t show up in the multidropdown? The tag is in the URL though.

Sounds to me like these are two different issues now. It sounds like the issue of the error saying default value should be list of texts has been solved through use of my suggestions with :converted to list operator.

Now, it seems like you have a problem with the way the default value is getting displayed in the multidropdown.

You should use the inspector tool to check the multidropdown default value to ensure the value is set or not.