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Send parameters to the page without reloading the page?

I would like to be able to set parameters without reloading the page. Is that possible? I would also like to send parameters from a button, because the button can also have workflow related.

The use case for this is for a set of tabs and the ability to remember the last tab the user is on if they moved to another page and then used the back button in the browser.

I’ve got three tabs.

The third tab “Feature Requests” has a repeating group that displays a list of records. A user can click on one of the records to be taken to the unique record’s page. Now if the user presses the back button the first tab shows instead of the last tab the user was on.

If I had a parameter I could use that to set the third tab as the “active” tab.

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Is it something like this you want to achieve?

regards Claudiu

Not sure Claudiu. If a user on your site clicked on the ‘Notifications’ tab, then clicked on ‘Auctions’ menu, and then pressed the back button on their browser, would the ‘Notifications’ tab show or the ‘My Auctions’ tab. It looks like the ‘My Auctions’ tab always loads when you go to the ‘Account’ page. I want the last tab the user clicked on to be the one that loads when they press the back button of their browser.

indeed, i used modes. but you need something based on user behavior. Not sure how i would do that

Did you ever figure out how to do this? I am trying to do something similar so any help would be appreciated if you found something.


~ Andy

You could do it by passing a “last tab” parameter from one page to another, and then back.

But I think a nicer solution would be to save the “last tab” on the User Record, and then read this on page load into a custom state and have a condition on the group with the tabs,

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Last tab worked great — Thanks @NigelG !