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"Send Password Reset Email" workflow doesn't use the "Email sent from your app come from" setting

The title explains it all. I have a specified email address setup in my application settings for sending emails. When using the “Accounts > Send Password Reset Email” workflow, however, all messages are sent from “[email protected]” instead of the value in the settings. All other email operations I use correctly use the settings value (and even let me select a different email to send messages from … that functionality could be very useful here, too).


Email Message:

Can you file a bug report? It’s easier for us to track.

Thanks. I’ve filed it.

How this was solved at the end, @saeed.t.richardson ?

what are using the link for veApply

@CapiBalid the issue was fixed. If you are using your own domain with Bubble (and all of your domain record settings are correctly configured) then you will see your correct “from” address when sending.

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@rickandress the link is for when a user is created, they are sent a link to create a new password. I’m using the password reset function to achieve this since an administrator is creating an account for them.