Send private data field in Email

Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding the privacy of data fields.
On my app users have the ability to book classes from different companies. When the user completes his booking, an invoice is generated and sent to the user via email. In the email, the user is also given the bank account details of the company.

I want the bank details of the companies to be a private data field and it should be only visible in the email that is sent after a completed booking. However, when I change the privacy settings for this field, I cannot include it in the email that is sent to the user.
When I make the field “non-private”, it is visible in the developer console to EVERYONE, no matter if the user has booked a class or not.

Any suggestions or ideas on how I could solve this?

Have you tried sending it through an API workflow with “ignore privacy rules” checked? Apparently it doesn’t always work, but you can give it a shot. This won’t deliver any info client-side, so it may be the safest route.

Alternatively, you can create a privacy rule based on a data field tied to your user. Give that user access in your privacy tab (when current user’s “canSeeBanking” is yes check “View all fields, find this in searches”, everyone else, uncheck those… Or something similar). When your user accesses that page, change their privacy settings, send the email, change the settings back in a single workflow (less safe, but safer than exposing to everyone.

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Thank you for your suggestions! I will try them out.

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