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Send stripe payment to more than one payee

I am stuck on how to make a payment be sent to more than one payee. I’ve tried to see if I could do a for loop but I can’t seem to find out how to do that and I’ve also looked into API connector but the stripe API dosnt seem to work in the way the API connector works as stripe uses methods/functions for their API not a simple post with an attached json.

Please help!!!

Are you using Stripe Connect? I haven’t tried this myself, but couldn’t you have multiple payment actions and set different payees for each action? Each action also allows you to define the amount, so those values could be dynamic as well. I could be missing something here, but perhaps this can work for you?

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Yeah stripe connect is what I’m using but what I’m looking to do is when someone has more than one item in their cart it would mean that i would have to send a payment to more than one payee as the products on my site will come from different sellers.

Ok,I just realized why I thought my first suggestion was too easy - the user would be prompted multiple times to make a payment with multiple payment actions. My bad.

So I see, you’re wanting to route/split a single payment among multiple users. I don’t think that is directly supported here because it would seem that you’d have to take the payment as a single amount first and then distribute.

This doc seems to confirm that limitation as well:

Thanks i didn’t see that part looks like I’m going to have to use the PayPal adaptive payments api to let me split the payment up to 9 other accounts.

hi! I´m curious if you were able to do it since I want to do the same :slight_smile: