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Hello bubblers,

I am working on a new feature in my app. I am using a plugin called “Clicksend”.

Background - I am building a real estate market place.

Use case - During the sign-up process, we collect some information from buyers (Their desired property location, price, and key features). I want to send each user a text alert each time a property within their budget becomes available in the database.

I have tried:

  • Installing this plugin “Clicksend” which works for what I want to use it for (sending text messages) i have tested.

  • I was think of setting up a recurring API event but not sure how to customise the type of data and required fields.

Here is what my database looks like:

Property data type with the following fields:

  • Property name
  • Property description
  • Property price
  • Property location

Buyer data type with the following fields:

  • Budget
  • Desired location
  • Phone number.

Logically, I’ll link this field “Budget” & “Property price” between the Property and Buyer data type to enable the recurring API but not sure on what the conditions should be.

Any help is appreciated? I am not really fussed on what plugin to use, just need a way to achieve the use case.

If the plugin works to send a text message you shouldn’t need to change it…have you tested it in backend workflows though?

Yes I agree. I have tested some scenarios and field settings but it doesn’t seem to give me the outcome I want. Maybe I am applying the incorrect logic.

I didn’t like the ClickSend plugin and ended up doing it in the API Connector.

Auth is just Basic Auth and add your Click Send email and password.

You can probably ignore Custom String.

Fantastic Nigel! The API connector set-up was succesfull!. Now to the final bit:

I am trying to set up a recurring event in my app so that whenever a property within the buyer’s budget (a data type i have in my database) is available, a text is sent to that specific buyer.

Data types:

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