Send user uploaded image to an already created external presigned S3 link

Broad Context: I am trying to allow the user to upload an image and then be exposed to the external API’s response related to that image


  1. user uploads image, which triggers a Post call, whose response is the external presigned S3 link
  2. I save the presigned link in the bubble database
  3. I now need to use a Put call (or something else) to send the uploaded image to the presigned S3 link that was generated in step 1
  4. The image needs to be uploaded so that the API can respond accordingly to that image.

If at all helpful, below is how I manually do it in Postman, notice that there is a source file location. Does bubble have that concept or is there a plug-in which can upload the image to the pre-signed link?

Hi Peyton - did you determine how to accomplish this? I’m having the exact same problem where my app recieves a presigned S3 link from a third-party API and I need to upload an image file to that link.