Send webhook from Bubble to Parabola


I´ve an app so our users can create invoices and I want to let them export all the invoices to a CSV of their companies based on the filters selected in the invoices page. So they can filter in the page via date inputs between starting date and last date.

I´ve managed to connect Bubble to Parabola so whenever a user clicks in the button of “request file” Parabola runs the flow. As you can see in the image below.

In case anyone wants to do the webhook, you need to ask the Parabola team to activate it.

But the problem is that I just want to send the user´s company invoices based on the date filter and I don´know how to do this in Json.

I need to just send all the invoices of the current user´s company and just the ones between the first date and the last date (those two are date inputs). The invoices has the company_id in a field.

Does anyone how to do this filter before sending all the data to Parabola?

Thanks a lot to all.


I´ve tried putting the ?$filter in the URL but it does not work either.

Hi there,

I´ve been searching all the forum post about RG list to Json, lists to json, … but I don´t see where to start.

Can anyone point me into the right direction?

From what I saw in the forum I think you can send the RG to json but how?

Thanks a lot.

I have same problem… I want to trigger the parabola flow from Bubble with the button, but I don’t know exactly how to do this, please can you help me?