Sendgrid and sendinblue unable to send mail to Fastcomet


Since I use Sendgrid to send emails I am experiencing the problem that emails are not delivered to my email account which I have hosted at FastComet. They are “deferred” by Sendgrid. For weeks I communicated with Fastcomet (web hosting provider), Sendgrid and my domain name provider in order to understand why these mails are not delivered.

Short story: Fast Comet checks ingoing and outgoing mails first with SpamExperts. This results in long response times and therefore the Sendgrid system is timed out.

I created an account at sendinblue to test if they have the same time out problem. Even worse! Their confirmation email does not even arrive in my fastcomet mail account inbox.

So I created another account with my gmail address to test. I received the confirmation mail in a second in my gmail.

So it’s defenitely a FastComet issue but I can imagine that more hosting providers have this spam checking process.

My question is; does anyone experienced this same problem with deferred emails?


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