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SendGrid Bubble Integration

I have a SendGrid integration via Integromat which sends emails to a list of contacts. Inside the email template (I’m using SendGrid Dynamic Templates) I have added an unsubscribe link which takes the recipient to a public page in Bubble which has the workflow to remove the contact from that mailing list and stop receiving emails.

But I need the email address of that contact to find it in the DB and run the workflow on Bubble side. My question is… Is there a way to pull that email address and send it to bubble so that the workflow doesn’t need the recipient typing manually the address in an input?

Any thoughts?

As long as you can access the email address in the Integromat loop, you could create the unsubscribe link by putting in the bubble unique ID, or email address in a querystring.

Then the bubble page you have could grab that and pass it to the workflow that does the unsubscribe.