SendGrid button URL's only work from "Preview" within SendGrid and not from Bubble Workflow after updating

I had to change my domain name recently which means I need to update the button URLs on buttons in my SendGrid templates.

I’ve updated them and saved them and they work in the “Send a test email” from within SendGrid but whenever I send an email from a Workflow that uses the same templates, the buttons point to the old domain name so they don’t work. Additionally, the button style doesn’t update either when sent from a WF in Bubble but is fine within SendGrid.

Can anyone suggest anything I can look into to fix this? The support at SendGrid seem to be too busy to assist today and it’s getting rather urgent.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @joefarrowsmith,

Double check that the template id you’re editing in Sendgrid matches up with the one in Bubble.

HI @johnny
Many thanks for this. I’ve just been through it almost forensically and whereas it does match up, however, I had a condition that dictated which particular template to use in SendGrid and I’d missed updating the “From” address on that particular action. So, there we go…my fault and lesson learned. Only took me 6 hours today to find out too. But at least I can relax now.
Thanks ever so much for offering support though.
Have a great weekend.
All the best

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Glad you figured it out! :blush: