Sendgrid (copilto Plugin) - 'To' field not reaching Sendgrid


I am using the Sendgrid Plugin by Copilot to send emails to my users. The emails are scheduled from a button click. On some of my emails (but not all) the ‘To’ information is not being sent through to Sendgrid. The email is scheduled as normal, I can see it in the scheduler, and then the time comes and most of the information is sent to Sendgrid, but then when I check the activity in Sendgrid the email never sent because there is no ‘To’ information, i.e. no one to send the email to.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why…the emails that work and the ones that don’t seem substantively identical. Can anyone think of any reason why this might be happening?

I think I finally figured this out by chance…for some reason when you make the substitution tags {{bold}} in your Sendgrid template the whole thing stops working…it looks like the ‘To’ field is missing but maybe something else is broken. Be interested if anyone knows what’s actually going on here.

Prob making it bold broke the whole template, and it happened to throw the error related to “To”

I’m not familiar with SendGrid but probably supposed to do HTML bold tags on each side of the placeholder or something instead of actually making the placeholder bold :man_shrugging:

Yeah, it seems the issue actually arises when the tag is bold, but the handlebars are not. Like you say, this must break the template.

If I make everything bold, i.e. {{bold}} then it works.