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Sendgrid Email Not Sending After Moving To Domain

I configured everything inside of bubble including the api key for sendgrid and received the confirmation email from bubble, but when i run an action to send an email it doesn’t work and doesn’t show inside of sendgrid either.

Update on this:

It appears to be related to sending of emails when there is no ‘to’ field, but the app uses a number of users in the bcc field.

I am not sure if this relates to a bubble setting with sendgrid and the use of bcc vs. to.

To is presently empty. No issue checker was found and it was working prior to domain switch.

You should see the error in the Server Logs. This is not something that can be caught by the issue checker most of the time, as it’s a run mode property.

And yes, SES doesn’t have this constraint, while Sendgrid does.

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Ok I see it now:

How do we send to many users without each user seeing every users email in the TO field though? Is there a setting or something to use SES vs. Sendgrid?

Just send the email to yourself, that’s what people do.


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