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Hi everyone,

I’m using Sendgrid Copilot plugin to send email. It’s working perfectly.

I try to show dynamic images in my email. I found a solution (found in a Bubble forum) with an HTML element on Sendgrid :

And then the workflow on Bubble :

But the image on the email is too big :

I try to resize it with HTML (width and height) but it’s not working …

Do you have any solution ?

Many thanks,

Facing the same issue. Looking for wisdom from the crowd !

Try to use the “processed with imgix” for the image, then add the following parameters at the end of the image url : &w=50&h=50

Should works…

@Christophe_HK Do you mean like this? I guess without “:”?

It doesn’t work yet…

Yes, but if iam correct you don’t need to add the “http:” prefix as the imgix url already contains it (also https is better).

After the " :processed with imgix", check if you can add " ‘s URL" if this still not work. I can’ t use my laptop right now, but I’m pretty sure it will work.

I tested it. without “http:” the image does not show up.

I tried what you said but still not working…

Can you try to get the field’s value displayed somewhere in a text component, the same way it is set here. So that we will be able to see what the url looks for, and adapt if needed. A blank space could be the reason

I managed to solve this using HTML tags in SendGrid. It didn’t work because I didn’t save my changes…

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Happy end!

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