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Sendgrid grid is the only choice?

Iam creating app for japanese.

and i have a issue.

it related to Sendgrid.

if my user use Gmail,Ymail, etc…, such as weak security Email service.
Sendgrid can send a email to my user.

but if my user use Email service such as strong security Email service.
Sendgrid can’t send a email.

So i think, Sendgrid is Unusable in Japan.

i already contacted to Sendgrid Support.
He said, there is no way to send a email.
If my user want to receive Email, must change Email service.

Sendgrid grid is the only choice?
i wanna change to other Email service. if i can.

Yes this is a known problem with SendGrid. You can use any other email service like PostMark, SendinBlue, etc.

thanks deadpoetnsp.

Do you know which Email service is the most good?