Sendgrid limit how does it work?


Does anyone know if Sendgrid stores emails sent after the daily limit is reached, and then sends them once upgraded.

It has to hit the sendgrid server anyway right so, they could hold them and release them once you upgrade?

Say you send 130 in one day, but only pay for 100- but then upgrade, does it then send the 30?

Does anyone know if they do?

According to thier support they do hold them for ‘suspended’ accounts:


SendGrid accepts and queues mail while the account is under review. The account holds mail until issues are resolved or up to 72 hours from the time of send. Any message queued for over 72 hours from sending expires and is not delivered. Delivered mail sent before the suspension is still functional, including open and click tracking, as well as link redirects.

so does this include maxed out accounts? hard to find an answer…

If you are on the free tier, I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t queue them. They are just refused.

Otherwise, if you are on a paid plan and you exceed your usage, you’re charged a per-email fee.

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