Sendgrid plugin by cobubble for sending invoices in PDF by email?

Hi @tdevasselot,

Would you mind replying to your original email thread? We’d be happy to take a look! :slight_smile:

Hi @copilot
I’ve just resend it to you right now at your email adress Have you received it?

Hey @tdevasselot,

Looks like we did get the update and we also responded. Let us know if you’re all set! :slight_smile:

Hi @copilot
Thanks for your help.
Everything is working fine now!
For other users who might have the same issue, you should

  1. update to the latest version and with Version 5.0+, you no longer need to state the ‘Bearer’ prefix
  2. be aware of using %VARX% in legacy templates and {{VARX}} in dynamic templates within Sendgrid
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